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Mark Dennstedt

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I bring an easygoing, well-cultured, and professional presence to my craft. With an unaccented, American male, baritone voice and natural pacing, your listeners gain a sense of comfort, trust, and reliability.

Easy to work with and easy to direct, I’ll partner with you to deliver the sound you’re looking for. I have a wide breadth and depth of experience to draw from to lend believability to your project. Moreover, you’ll get the tenacity and dedication to quality you’d expect from an Eagle Scout and Marine Corps veteran.

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My voice,
Your project.

I provide quality, personalized voiceover audio for a variety of narrative projects. Ask how I can help bring your vision to life.

All quotes are custom built and tailored to your project.

"What Others Have Said..."

Mark consistently delivers value in the work he creates and delivers. He engages with the team in helping to identify solutions.
Kim Arnold
President | Program Performance Group, LLC
Mark is multi-talented, professional and collaborative. He makes adjustments seamlessly by connecting to the director and understanding the language of VO. His work is diverse, clean, engaging and engaged. He’d be an asset to any casting roster.
Carol Monda
Voice Talent & Instructor | Carol Monda VO / Edge Studio
Mark is a true team player willing to pitch in and help drive positive results. His work ethic and attention to detail will be a significant asset to any organization.
Pierre Douyon
Project Controls Manager | Jacobs
Working with Mark was a pleasure. He follows direction with ease, and nails his reads on the first or second take. His sound is very marketable, with a range that goes from cool and textured to upbeat and conversational. I can confidently recommend him as a voice actor, and I am sure he would be an asset to any project.
James Andrews, M.Sc.
Voice Talent & Instructor | James Andrews VO / Edge Studio
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